Alex Tana and associates


This a selection of the testimonials that Alex has recieved from past clients

"Alex can help you see things another way"
- Matt Bailey

"Alex is a man who understands the world and understands what drives people. By rigorously focusing people on their passions he allows them to define themselves and follow their own route. You can discover who you are simply by talking to Alex. A very helpful, very generous kind man with purposeful and passionate direction."
- Thomas Power - Chairman of Ecademy

"Alex is a man who understands the world and Alex is the person I go to when someone in my network needs help with his or her career. Alex is caring, helpful, positive and friendly. Quite simply, Alex is a great resource."
- Coleen Davis - Management Consultant

"Alex is very approachable and open to new ideas - ideal trainer!"
- Sally Morton - Business Coach

"Alex is very positive in his approach, he has a sense of purpose and urgency and is committed to make a difference in the lives of people."
- Ajay Sanghani - Website Developer

"Alex is one of those people that instantly relaxes you and who makes you feel comfortable. Someone I liked, instantly."
- Stephen Harvard Davis - Public Speaker

"There are coaches who want to make a living helping people and then there are people who were born to coach! Alex, you're an inspiration."
- Fiona Cowan - Publisher

"Thanks to Alex for this pearls of wisdom!"
- Louise Farrell - HR Consultant

"His testimonials speak for themselves, in thinking some men follow, others lead - and in this Alex is the latter."
- Robert Quaranta - MD Law Group

"The smile on Alex's profile sums up the man - a warm-hearted, considerate and thought-provoking person. Getting to know him can help you to maximise your opportunities."
- Nick Keith - Communications Consultant

"Alex has a natural gift for making you think about yourself and what you are trying to achieve on a personal level. His style is unassuming which is his real skill. His approach recognises that it is about you not him...and this delivers fast tangible results. He is a great person to work with and to know too!"
- Simon Warman-Freed - MDexploit

"Alex is a great man! I say this of having the pleasure of speaking to him in person and sensing from him the charisma that makes him a great coach. All the advice that he has given me i have taken to heart. I can stress that whatever Alex has to say to you, read into it. This man does not just simply talk...his words are well chosen and loaded with meaning that will make a difference to your life."
- Adam White - Entrepreneur

"Alex is measured and considered in all that he does - indeed the perfect coach. A fantastic companion on a fascinating journey. Highly recommended."
- Phillip de Lisle - MD

"Alex is everthing you would expect of a great coach, and more. He is a fantastic listener, emphasises with you, yet never allows you to dwell on your issues for too long. His aim is to move you forward, gently and persuasively, but move you on nevertheless. His sessions are truely enjoyable yet never an easy option. If you are really serious about making significant changes in your life you should give him a try!"
- Sharon Gaskin - Trainer and business coach

Telephone: 01983 563144