The 7 Ps of business

You don’t build a business. You build people and then people build the business. ~ Zig Ziglar

1. Purpose:
a) What is your vision?
b) What are your goals?

2. Planning:
a) Do you have an operative and up-to-date business plan?
b) Does your business plan reflect the situation of your business in the market place?
c) Is your business plan a route to business growth?

3. Product:
a) What is the product/service you offer?
b) Is the production of this efficient enough?
c) Do you have the right infrastructure/technology for your products/services?
d) How often do you re-visit your products/services?
e) Is there space for new products/services?

4. People
a) Are you, or the people in your team, the best person for the role you are covering?
b) Are you or the people in your team achieving the set targets? And if not, why not?
c) Do you need further training or coaching?
d) Are the people in the team operating as a team? Do you need team building coaching?

5. Promotion
a) Do you have a clear idea of who your actual and potential clients/customers are?
b) Have you got in place a clear and operative marketing strategy to reach them?
c) Do you regularly monitor the market in which you operate and especially the competition?
d) Do you have in place an efficient customer service policy?

6. Prices
a) Do you have a clear price strategy? How often do you revisit this?
b) Do you have a clear and operative sales strategy? Is it delivering the targets that you want?

7. Profits
a) Do you have in place an accurate and efficient accounting system?
b) Do you have in place a clear profits strategy?
c) Do you regularly check whether you can reduce your costs and increase your profits?

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